Viewing the project source code DPR file

As with unit source code files, you can also open the project source code (.DPR) file in the Code Editor. The main reason to do this is so you can see the units and forms that make up the project, and which form is specified as the application's main form. As you add forms and units to the project, you can see Delphi's updates of the project source code.

Caution Manually editing the .DPR file is not recommended.

  • To view the .DPR file, use either of these methods:
  • Choose View Project from the Project Manager SpeedMenu.
  • From the Delphi menu bar, choose View IProject Source.

The contents of the .DPR file appear in a page in the Code Editor. To hide the .DPR file again, close the page in the Code Editor.

Note Closing a Code Editor page by double-clicking the Control-menu box closes all open units in the project. To close a single page, choose Close Page from the Code Editor SpeedMenu.

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