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Delphi's Project Templates provide you with predesigned projects that you can use as a starting point for your applications. Project Templates are part of the Gallery (located in the \DELPHI\GALLERY directory), which also provides Form Templates and Experts.

When you begin a project from a Project Template (other than the Blank Project Template), you are prompted to specify a project directory, a unique subdirectory in which to store the new project files. If you specify a directory that doesn't currently exist, Delphi creates it for you. From that point on, Delphi treats the template as a separate open project. You can modify it, adding new forms and units, or use it unmodified, adding only your event handler code. In either case, your changes affect only the open project. The original Project Template is unaffected and can be used again.

â–  To start a new project from a Project Template,

1 Choose FilelNew Project to display the Browse Gallery dialog box.

2 Select the Project Template you want and choose OK.

3 In the Select Directory dialog box, specify a directory for the new project's constituent files.

A copy of the Project Template opens in the specified directory.

Note If the Browse Gallery dialog does not appear in step 2, the Gallery is not enabled in the environment. The Project Template option in the Gallery is disabled by default in a new Delphi installation..

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