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You can save your own projects and forms as templates and add them to those already available in the Gallery. This is helpful in situations where you want to enforce a standard framework for programming projects throughout an organization.

For example, suppose you develop custom billing applications. You might have a generic billing application project that contains the forms and functionality common to all billing systems. Your business centers around adding and modifying features in this application to meet specific client requirements. In such a case, you might want to save the project containing your Generic Billing application as a Project Template and optionally specify it as the default new project on your Delphi development system. Likewise, you'll probably have a particular form within this project that you want to appear as the default main or new form.

Before adding a project or form to the Gallery, you should develop it as fully as possible and practical, to minimize the amount of additional work needed when you open the template.

1 If necessary, open the project you want added to the Gallery.

2 Choose OptionslGallery.

3 On the Project Templates page, choose Add to display the Save Project Template dialog box.

4 Specify a DOS-compatible file name (without extension) for the template file. By default, Delphi suggests the name of the project (.DPR) file.

5 In the Title edit box, enter a project title.

The title for the template will appear in the Browse Gallery window.

6 In the Description field, enter text that describes the template. This text will appear in the Gallery window's status panel.

7 Choose Browse and select bitmap file to represent this template in the Gallery. This can be any Windows-compatible bitmap (including those you create in Delphi's Image editor), but the Gallery displays only the upper left portion of any bitmap too large to fully fit the available space.

8 Choose OK to put your choices into effect, and save the current project as a Project Template.

Note If you later make changes to a Project Template, you will need to resave the project as a template, not merely as a project.

You can also save your own forms as Form Templates and add them to those already available in the Forms Gallery. This is helpful in situations where you want to develop standard forms for an organization's software, as in the earlier example.

â–  To add a form to the Gallery as a Template, follow the preceding steps for adding projects as templates, using the Form Templates page of the Gallery Options dialog box instead of the Project Templates page.

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