WSDL Layer

This layer represents a way of specifying a public interface for a Web Service. It contains information on available functions, on data types for XML messaging, binding information about the transport protocol, and the location of the specific Web Service.

Any client application that wants to know about a service, what data it expects to receive, whether or not it delivers any results, and the supported transport, uses the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) to find that information. When you create a Web Service, it must be described and advertised to its potential customers before it can be used. WSDL provides a common format for describing and publishing that Web service information. Typically, WSDL is used with SOAP, and the WSDL specification includes a SOAP binding.

Use Borland's Add Web Reference feature to obtain a WSDL document for your Web Service. The WSDL document, or proxy file, is copied to the client and is used to call the server. This proxy file is called References.* and has an extension that reflects its particular language type. For more information about WSDL, refer to the World Wide Web Consortium site.

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