Windows Forms vs Aspnet Web Forms

To determine the best type of form to use for your client application, consider the type of service you want to access. In most cases, the service you choose will dictate which type of application you should create.

If you need to provide a rich application that can process complex content on a client workstation, or that can use a Web Service application as a supporting piece for a rich client application over a secure network connection, you might consider building a Windows Forms application. If you need to provide a thin-client application that performs simple data manipulation or satisfies a single-purpose requirement, consider using ASP.NET Web Forms. Web Forms are platform-independent interfaces that display in a web browser and invoke Web Services applications over a simple protocol like HTTP.

You can also create an ASP.NET Web Services application as a console application which can be accessed through either a console window, or by another Web Service application, even one without a client.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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