Using the Designer

When you create a Windows, Web, or Web Services application, the IDE automatically displays the appropriate type of form on the Design tab in the IDE. As you drop components, such as labels and text boxes, from the Tool Palette on to the form, Delphi 8 for .NET generates the underlying code to support the application. You can use the Object Inspector to modify the properties of components and the form. The results of those changes appear automatically in the source code on the Code tab. Conversely, as you modify code with Code Editor, the changes you make are immediately reflected on the Design tab.

The Tool Palette provides dozens of controls to simplify the creation of Windows Forms, Web Forms, and HTML pages. When creating a Windows Form, for example, you can use the MainMenu component to create a customized main menu in minutes. After placing the component on a Windows Form, you type the main menu entries and commands in the boxes provided. The ContextMenu component provides similar functionality for creating context menus. There are also several dialog box components for commonly performed functions, such as opening and saving files, setting fonts, selecting colors, and printing. Using these components saves time and provides a consistent look and feel for the dialogs in your application.

As you design your user interface, you can undo and repeat previous changes to a form by choosing Edit ^ Undo and Edit ^ Redo. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the form, you can lock the components and form to prevent accidental changes by right-clicking the form and choosing Lock Controls.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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