Using the Command Text Designer

In order to create a DataSet, your BdpDataAdapter needs to have at least a SQL Select statement defined for the CommandText property. This statement, once built, appears as the CommandText property of the BdpCommand object for the BdpDataAdapter. You can enter this Select statement manually, or you can use the CommandText designer to construct the statement, along with Update, Insert, and Delete statements, using a simple point-and-click mechanism. Using this method, once you have a connection to a live data source, you will be able to see the names of tables and columns in the CommandText designer. You can pick from listboxes to build the statement. Also, if you create your BdpDataAdapter using the Data Explorer and a live connection to a data source, a boilerplate Select statement is created for you in the form select * from tablename. You can use this statement to return all rows from the named data source, or you can modify the statement prior to generating the DataSet.

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