Using Inline Assembly Code Win Only

The built-in assembler allows you to write assembly code within Delphi programs. The inline assembler is available only on the Win32 Delphi compiler. It has the following features:

  • Allows for inline assembly.
  • Supports all instructions found in the Intel Pentium III, Intel MMX extensions, Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE), and the AMD Athlon (including 3D Now!).
  • Provides no macro support, but allows for pure assembly function procedures.
  • Permits the use of Delphi identifiers, such as constants, types, and variables in assembly statements.

As an alternative to the built-in assembler, you can link to object files that contain external procedures and functions. See the topic on External declarations for more information. If you have external assembly code that you want to use in your applications, you should consider rewriting it in the Delphi language or minimally reimplement it using the inline assembler.

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