Unit aliases

Namespaces can become quite long and cumbersome to type. Delphi for .NET allows you to declare a local unit alias to introduce an alias for a long namespace. The following uses clause introduces a local unit alias:

uses MyCompany.AVeryLongNamespaceDesignation.VeryDescriptiveUnitName as aUnit;

Given a unit alias, your source code can refer to an identifier by the shorter name:

// These two statements are equivalent. writeln(aUnit.SomeString);

writeln(MyCompany.AVeryLongNamespaceDesignation.VeryDescriptiveUnitName. SomeString);

Unit aliases must not conflict with other unit or namespace identifiers. Unit aliases introduce Delphi identifiers, and therefore cannot contain dots. A unit alias is local to the unit in which it is declared. A unit alias does not obscure the fully qualified unit name that it aliases; you may always refer to an identifier either by it's fully qualified name, or by a unit alias.

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