UML Packages

A UML package is a unit of organization analogous to a .NET namespace. Using packages, you can partition classes and other datatypes along just about any lines that make sense for your particular application. Usually classes are created along functional lines. For example, you could create a package to hold a set of user interface components. Like namespaces, UML packages can be nested within each other.

Note: While the concept of a UML package and a namespace are analogous, the UML packages you create with Delphi 8 for .NET are not implemented as .NET namespaces in source code. This is a major difference between the code visualization diagram, and the UML diagramming tools. When producing a code visualization diagram from an arbitrary Delphi source file, a .NET namespace is represented with a UML package symbol. On the code visualization diagram .NET namespaces are drawn in white, as opposed to ECO-enabled UML packages, which are drawn in yellow.

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