Tryfinally Statements

Sometimes you want to ensure that specific parts of an operation are completed, whether or not the operation is interrupted by an exception. For example, when a routine acquires control of a resource, it is often important that the resource be released, regardless of whether the routine terminates normally. In these situations, you can use a try...finally statement.

The following example shows how code that opens and processes a file can ensure that the file is ultimately closed, even if an error occurs during execution.

CloseFile(F); end;

The syntax of a try...finally statement is try statementListl finally statementList2end where each statementList is a sequence of statements delimited by semicolons. The try...finally statement executes the statements in statementListl (the try clause). If statementListl finishes without raising exceptions, statementList2 (the finally clause) is executed. If an exception is raised during execution of statementListl, control is transferred to statementList2; once statementList2 finishes executing, the exception is re-raised. If a call to the Exit, Break, or Continue procedure causes control to leave statementListl, statementList2 is automatically executed. Thus the finally clause is always executed, regardless of how the try clause terminates.

If an exception is raised but not handled in the finally clause, that exception is propagated out of the try...finally statement, and any exception already raised in the try clause is lost. The finally clause should therefore handle all locally raised exceptions, so as not to disturb propagation of other exceptions.

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