To write the OnClick event handler

1. In the Object Inspector, double-click the Button1 OnClick event on the Events tab.

The Code editor displays with the cursor in the TForml.Buttonlciick event handler block.

2. Enter the following event handling code, replacing MyFile.bmp with the name of the bitmap image in your project directory:

Rect := TRect.Create(0,0,100,100); Bitmap := TBitmap.Create;

  1. LoadFromFile('MyFile.bmp'); Form1.Canvas.Brush.Bitmap := Bitmap; Form1.Canvas.FillRect(Rect); finally
  2. Canvas.Brush.Bitmap := nil; Bitmap.Free; end;

Tip: You can change the size of the rectangle to be displayed by adjusting the Rect parameter values.

3. In the var section of the code, add these variable declarations:

Bitmap : TBitmap; Rect : TRect;

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