To set up a connection

  1. In Borland Data Provider: Connections Editor, select the appropriate item from the Connections list.
  2. In Connection Settings, enter the Database path.

Note: If referring to a database on the local disk, prepend the path with localhost:. If using Interbase, for example, you would enter the path to your Interbase database: localhost:C:\Program Files\Borland\Interbase\Examples\employee.gdb (or whatever the actual path might be for your system).

  1. Complete the UserName and Password fields for the database as needed.
  2. Click Test to confirm the connection.

A dialog appears confirming the status of the connection.

  1. Click OK to return to the Borland Data Provider: Connections Editor dialog.
  2. Click OK to return to the Data Adapter Configuration dialog.

In the Command tab, the areas for Tables and Columns are updated with information from your connection.

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