To inspect local variable values

  1. While running in Debug mode, double-click any variable that appears in the Local Variables window. This displays the Debug Inspector for that local variable.
  2. Click the Data tab to view strings, boolean values, and other values for such things as variable name, expression, and owner.

Tip: If you want to drill down even deeper, to see the hexadecimal representation of a string, for instance, double-click the string value in the Debug Inspector.

3. Click the Methods tab to view all of the methods that have executed up to this point in the code.

Tip: If you want to see the return type for any method, select the method and look at the status bar of the Debug Inspector, where the syntax line for the method, including the return type is displayed.

  1. Click the Properties tab to view all of the properties for the active object, for instance, the form.
  2. Click any property name to see its type displayed in the status bar of the Debug Inspector.
  3. Click the question mark (?) icon to see the actual value for that property at this point of the execution of the application.

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