To inspect a data element from the menu

1- Choose Run ^ Inspect from the menu bar to display the Inspect dialog box.

  1. In the Inspect dialog box, type the expression you want to inspect.
  2. Click OK. The Debug Inspector is displayed.

Unlike watch expressions, the scope of a data element in the Debug Inspector is fixed at the time you evaluate it. If you use the Inspect command from the Code Editor, the debugger uses the location of the insertion point to determine the scope of the expression you are inspecting. This makes it possible to inspect data elements that are not within the current scope of the execution point.

If you use Run V Inspect from the menu, the data element is evaluated within the scope of the execution point. If the execution point is in the scope of the expression you are inspecting, the value appears in the Debug Inspector. If the execution point is outside the scope of the expression, the value is undefined and the Debug Inspector becomes blank.

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