To get a resource string from the Translation Repository

  1. In the Translation Manager, click the Workspace tab.
  2. Expand the project tree view to display the resource files that you want to edit. The .resx files are listed under the .NET Resources node. The .nfm files are listed under the Forms node.
  3. Click the resource file you want to edit. The resource strings in the file are displayed in a grid in the right pane.

4- Right-click the field that you want to update and choose Repository â–º Get strings from repository.

If the Translation Repository contains only one translation that matches the selected source string, it copies that translation into the target language column. If the Repository contains more than one match for the selected resource, its default behavior is to retrieve the first matching translation it finds.

Tip: To change this behavior, close the Transaction Manager and choose Tools ^ Translation Tools Options, click the Repository tab, and change the Multiple Find Action setting.

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  • Christin Daecher
    How do I read values from from translation repository in delphi?
    8 years ago

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