To Display the Model View Window

1. Start a new ECO project using using the ECO Application wizard, or load an existing one.

Note: The class diagramming and source code generation tools are only available in ECO applications. In other types of projects, you can use code visualization to generate a static structure diagram from Delphi source code, but you cannot modify the source code through the diagram.

2- Select View ^ Model View.

The Model View window will open, showing the elements of your project in a tree view.

The Model View window allows you to view both code visualization and ECO-enabled diagrams. All diagrams in the Model View tree are located within a container. Code visualization diagrams are contained within .NET namespace nodes (denoted by the icon). ECO-enabled class diagrams are contained within UML package nodes (denoted by the i.'.T icon). To open any diagram, doubleclick its node in the Model View tree.

There are two ways to add an element to an ECO class diagram: The Tool Palette, or the right-click context menu. Context menus are available directly on the diagram surface, on elements already on the diagram, and on nodes in the Model View tree.

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