To Create an ECO Enabled Application

  1. Create an ECO application using the ECO Application Wizard in the New Items dialog box. Alternatively, you can import a model in XMI format.
  2. Create or edit your model using the integrated UML diagramming tools: The Model View Window, integrated UML class diagram, Object Inspector, and Tool Palette.
  3. Configure your application's ECO Space. The ECO Space will contain instances of the classes in your model; it is a middle layer between your application's front-end, and the persistence layer.
  4. Build a user interface for your application. You can connect data-aware .NET components to the objects in your ECO Space through element handles such as ExpressionHandles. The element handles implement the interfaces required in order to render their values in a data-aware component. You can use the OCL Expression Editor to enrich the specification of your model by adding invariant constraints and derived attributes.
  5. Deploy your ECO enabled application.
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