To create an ActiveX library project for an ActiveX button control

1. Create a directory on your local drive for the ActiveX project. Give it an easy to find name, for example, ActiveX.

2- Choose File ^ New ^ Other and select the ActiveX page in the New Items dialog.

  1. On the ActiveX page, double-click ActiveX Control. The ActiveX Control Wizard displays.
  2. In the VCL Class Name drop-down, select TButton.
  3. By default, ButtonX displays as the New ActiveX Name. Rename ButtonX to the name you want displayed for your ActiveX button, for example, MyActiveXButton.

Note: Modifications you make to the name update the Implementation Unit and Project Name. Leave the remaining fields with default values.

The wizard generates the code needed to implement the ActiveX control and adds the code to the project. If the project is already an ActiveX library, the wizard adds the control to the current project.

Note: If the project is not already an ActiveX library, a Warning dialog displays and asks you if you want to start a new ActiveX library project.

7. Click OK to start the new ActiveX Library project.

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