To connect to the remote computer and start debugging

1. On your local computer, open the Delphi 8 for .NET project that corresponds to the application to be debugged.

2- Choose Project ^ Options ^ Debugger ► Remote.

Alternatively, choose Run ^ Parameters ^ Debugger ^ Remote.

  1. In the Remote Path field, enter the path for the application's executable file on the remote computer. The remote debug server will use this path to find the executable, so specify a path relative to the directory that contains dbkwmc71.exe.
  2. In the Remote Host field, enter the host name or TCP/IP address of the remote computer.

If a port was specified when starting dbkwmc71.exe, enter a colon after the host name, followed by the port, for example, somehost:8000 or Otherwise, the default port 64447 will be used.

5. Check the Debug project on remote computer checkbox and click OK.

6- Choose Run ^ Run to begin the remote debugging session. This will require more time than starting a local debugging session.

  1. Debug the application as you would normally.
  2. Optionally, if you want to prevent other computers from connecting to the remote computer while you are debugging, the remote debug server can be shut-down without affecting your connection. See the following section.

9- When you are done debugging, choose Run ► Program Reset to end the debugging session and terminate your connection to the remote computer.

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