To connect a Data Grid to a Data Set

  1. Drag and drop a DataGrid component onto the designer. If necessary, select DataGrid.
  2. In Object Inspector, select the DataSource property drop-down. Select the DataSet component that you generated previously (the default is DataSet1).
  3. In Object Inspector, select the DataMember property drop-down. Select the appropriate table. The DataGrid displays data from the DataSet.

The application compiles and displays a Windows Form with DataGrid.

While presenting a minimum number of steps required to build an ADO.NET project, the preceding procedure demonstrates the major components of the Windows Forms, ADO.NET, and BDP.NET architectures at work, including: providers, datasets, and adapters. The adapter connects to the physical data source via a provider, sending a command that will read data from the data source and populate a dataset. Once populated, a datagrid displays data from the dataset.

Once created, use other BDP.NET designers to modify and maintain the components of your project.

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