To configure the ECO Space for the chosen persistence method

1. Scroll the Tool Palette so that the Enterprise Core Objects category is in view. There are three persistence methods to choose from:

  • PersistenceMapperBdp. Uses the Borland Data Provider classes for database connectivity.
  • PersistenceMapperSqlServer. Uses the native .NET database connectivity classes, which are optimized for use with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • PersistenceMapperXML. Objects will be stored into an XML file instead of a relational database.

Tip: It is often useful to store your objects in an XML file during initial development and prototyping, and then switch to a relational database as your model becomes more stable.

  1. Drag the appropriate persistence mapper from the Tool Palette to the ECO Space designer surface.
  2. Click the mouse on an empty portion of the ECO Space designer surface, so that the Object Inspector is showing the properties of the ECO Space.
  3. Set the PersistenceMapper property to the persistence mapper you created in step 2.

Note: When using the PersistenceMapperXML component, it is not necessary to create or evolve a database schema as described below. When persisting to an XML file, all that is required is to select the component on the ECO Space designer, and set its FileName property.

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