To add code to the button Click event

  1. Double-click the button to open the Code Editor.
  2. In the button1_Click event code block, add the following code:
  3. bdpSelectCommand1.Close();
  • This closes the command to make sure that we will pass the parameter to */
  • the most current bdpSelectCommand.
  1. BdpDataAdapter1.Active := false; /* This clears the data adapter so that we don't maintain old data */
  2. bdpSelectCommand1.Parameters['emp'].Value := textBoxl.


/* This sets the parameter value to whatever value is in the text field. */

Self.BdpDataAdapterl.Active := true; /* This re-activates the data adapter so the refreshed data appears in the data grid. */

If you have changed the names of any of these items, you need to update these commands to reflect the new names.

3. Save your application.

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