To add and configure a connection handle

1. Scroll the Tool Palette so that the Borland Data Provider category is in view.

Note: If you are using a SQL Server persistence handle, scroll to the Data components category.

  1. Drag a BdpConnection (or SqlConnection) component onto the ECO Space designer surface.
  2. Select the persistence mapper component on the designer surface.
  3. Set the Connection property of the persistence mapper component to the connection handle you created in step 2.
  4. Set the default vendor-specific configuration settings of the persistence mapper. Do this by right-clicking on the persistence mapper component, and selecting the appropriate item from the context menu. For example, to set the default settings for an Interbase database, select Interbase|dialect 3 setup from the context menu.
  5. Right-click the connection handle component, and select Connection Editor from the context menu. The ConnectionString will vary depending on the database vendor. For an Interbase database, you will need to edit the connection string to reflect the correct path to the database file. Default, vendor-

specific connection strings are available both from the Connections Editor dialog, and from the ConnectionString property's drop-down list in the Object Inspector.

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