To add an expression in the editor

1. Double-click on the name of one of the displayed classes in the right-hand pane of the dialog box.

Note: A list of valid objects and expressions appears in the right-hand pane, from which you can choose to build a complex expression. These change based on the context of what you add to the textbox on the left side of the dialog. If the list does not appear, make sure that the EcoSpaceType property for the root handle is set to a valid ECO Space.

2. If you want to view the data types for the attributes of the class whose name you typed, select the Show Types checkbox.

If you are referencing subclasses with your expression handles, they will display the attributes from their abstract base class, as well as any attributes of their own.

  1. Double-click an expression element from the right-hand list, to append it to the entry in the expression textbox.
  2. Continue adding elements in this way, if necessary.
  3. If you add an element that has tokens, for instance, for data types, you can replace those tokens with actual values in the expression textbox.
  4. When you have completed the expression, click OK.

Note: As you add items to the expression, ECO automatically parses the expression to make sure it is valid. Keep in mind that the expression may be valid without being logically correct.

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