To add an element using the context menu

  1. Right-click the mouse on the element (class diagram surface, UML package, or class) that will contain the new item.
  2. Select either the Add New Item menuitem, or use the Add submenus to add the new element. The Add New Item selection will open a tabbed dialog in which you can select the kind of element you wish to add, and set the its name. Using the Add submenus will immediately add the new item to its container, with a default name that you can change later.

The kinds of elements available to add depends completely on the kind of container you have selected.

For example, you can only add attributes and operations to classes. Similarly, you can only add classes, packages, and notes to an existing UML package.

Note: When you add an element directly to the diagram surface (as opposed to an existing package or class on the diagram), it will be contained within the UML package that owns the diagram.

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