To Add an ECO Enabled Windows Form to Your Project

1- Click on File ^ New ^ Other to open the New Items dialog box.

  1. Select the ECO/Delphi for .NET Files category.
  2. Double-click the ECO Enabled Windows Form icon.

The ECO Enabled Windows Form Wizard generates a new subclass of System.Windows. Forms.Form. The new class provides a constructor that is passed an instance of the application's ECO Space. The constructor then uses this instance to initialize the form's ECO Space property. An ECO enabled form also provides fields to hold a root handle, an expression handle, and code to connect the root handle to the ECO Space.

Note: The default name convention for the new class and source code file is EcoWinFormX.pas, where X is a progressively increasing number. You can change the default name of the class in the Source Code Editor. The name of the source code file can be changed in the Project Manager window.

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