To add an ADO connection component

1 â–  Choose File ^ New ^ Other.

  1. In the New Items dialog, select Delphi for .NET Projects; then double-click Janeva Application. The Janeva designer displays.
  2. From the ADO page of the Component palette, place an ADOConnection component on the form.
  3. Double-click the ADOConnection component to display the ConnectionString dialog.
  4. If necessary, select Use Connection String; then click the Build button to display the Link Properties dialog.
  5. On the Provider page of the dialog, select Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider; then click the Next button to display the Connections page.
  6. On the Connections page, click the ellipsis button to browse for the dbdemos.mdb database. The default path to this database is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data.
  7. Click Test Connection to confirm the connection. A dialog appears, indicating the status of the connection.
  8. Click OK to close the Data Link Properties dialog. Click OK to close the ConnectionString dialog.
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