To add a language to a project

1. Save and build your project.

2- With your project open in the IDE, choose Project ► Languages ^ Add. Alternatively, you can choose File ^ New ► Other ^ Current Project ^ Satellite Assembly Wzard.

The Satellite Assembly Wizard is displayed.

  1. Make sure your project is selected in the list that appears in the dialog and then click Next.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the languages that you want to add to your project and then click Next.
  3. Review the directory path information that the wizard will use for the language's satellite assembly.

Tip: To change the path, click the path, and then click the ellipsis button to browse to a different directory.

When you are satisfied with the path information, click Next.

6. If no satellite assembly for the language exists yet, Create New appears in the Update Mode column. Click Next.

If a satellite assembly exists for the language in the directory you have specified, click in the Update Mode column to select Update or Overwrite. Choose Update to keep and modify the existing satellite assembly project. Choose Overwrite to create a new, empty project and to delete the old project and any translations it contains. Click Next.

7. Review the summary of what the wizard will do and click Finish to create or update the satellite assemblies for the languages you have selected.

If the wizard asks to generate a drcil file, click Yes. Any project that uses its own resource strings (instead of previously compiled rc files) needs a drcil file.

If you are sure that no new drcil files are needed (because your project does not introduce any resource strings of its own), select Skip drcil files that are not found in the final dialog. This prevents the wizard from generating, or asking to generate, drcil files.

8. Click Yes to compile. Click Yes again to save your project group.

The generated projects contain untranslated copies of the resource strings in your original project. By default, the Translation Manager is displayed, enabling you to begin translating the resource files.

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