To add a dbExpress connection component

1 â–  Choose File ^ New ^ Other.

  1. In the New Items dialog, select Delphi for .NET Projects; then double-click Janeva Application. The Janeva designer displays.
  2. From the General category of the Tool palette, place a TSQLConnection component on the form.
  3. Double-click the SQLConnection component to display the Connection Editor.
  4. In the Connection Editor, set the Connection Name list to IBConnection.
  5. In the Connections Setting box, specify the path to the InterBase database file called employee.gdb in the Database field.

By default, the file is located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\Data.

  1. Accept the value in the User_Name field (sysdba) and Password field (masterkey).
  2. To test the connection, click the button with the checkmark on it (just above the Connection Name list).

Note: By default, you are prompted to log in. Use the masterkey password. A message displays indicating that the connection is successful.

9. Click OK to close the Connection Editor and save your changes.

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