The Relationship between Vclnet and the NET Framework

It's important to understand the relationship between VCL.NET and the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework provides a library of components, classes, and low-level functionality that supports a more transparent type of application development, particularly for Web applications. The concept of transparency, in this context, means that the framework manages much of the common functionality, from the display of buttons to remoting functionality, without regard to the underlying implementation language. It would be an understandable mistake to assume that VCL.NET is subordinate to the .NET Framework, and yet, it is more accurate to view VCL.NET and the .NET Framework as functionally equivalent. Like the .NET Framework, VCL.NET provides libraries of components, controls, classes, and lower-level functionality that help you build Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Console applications that run on the current Windows .NET Framework platform.

Is VCL.NET a replacement for the .NET Framework?

Yes and No. You will still need the .NET runtime to use VCL.NET, but you can build complete applications using VCL.NET components that will run on .NET platform.

Can you build Delphi 8 for .NET applications without using VCL.NET?

Yes, you can create Windows Forms, Web Forms, and Console applications using Delphi 8 for .NET code.

What it really means for you, as a developer, is that you can use Delphi 8 for .NET to create powerful . NET applications using .NET components, or that you can use VCL.NET components that have been migrated from the Delphi VCL. If you have existing Delphi VCL applications that you want to run on Windows XP or other platforms that support the .NET Framework, you can easily port those applications by using Delphi 8 for .NET.

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