The Memory Manager Win Only

The memory manager manages all dynamic memory allocations and deallocations in an application.

The New, Dispose, GetMem, ReallocMem, and FreeMem standard procedures use the memory manager, and all objects and long strings are allocated through the memory manager.

The memory manager is optimized for applications that allocate large numbers of small- to medium-sized blocks, as is typical for object-oriented applications and applications that process string data. Other memory managers, such as the implementations of GlobalAlloc, LocalAlloc, and private heap support in Windows, typically do not perform well in such situations, and would slow down an application if they were used directly.

To ensure the best performance, the memory manager interfaces directly with the Win32 virtual memory API (the virtualAlloc and virtualFree functions). The memory manager reserves memory from the operating system in 1Mb sections of address space, and commits memory as required in 16K increments. It decommits and releases unused memory in 16K and 1Mb sections. For smaller blocks, committed memory is further suballocated.

Memory manager blocks are always rounded upward to a 4-byte boundary, and always include a 4-byte header in which the size of the block and other status bits are stored. This means that memory manager blocks are always double-word-aligned, which guarantees optimal CPU performance when addressing the block.

The memory manager maintains two status variables, AllocMemCount and AllocMemSize, which contain the number of currently allocated memory blocks and the combined size of all currently allocated memory blocks. Applications can use these variables to display status information for debugging.

The System unit provides two procedures, GetMemoryManager and SetMemoryManager, that allow applications to intercept low-level memory manager calls. The System unit also provides a function called GetHeapStatus that returns a record containing detailed memory-manager status information.

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