Special cases

Although it is preferred to use Activator.CreateInstance when creating an instance, it is not fully compatible with CoCreateInstanceEx. When working with remote servers, CreateInstance will always try to invoke the server locally, before attempting to invoke the server on the remote machine. Currently the only known work-around is to use CoCreateInstanceEx.

Since inheritance isn't supported, a descendant interface needs to declare the ancestor's methods. Below is the IAutoComplete2 interface, which extends IAutoComplete.

[ComImport, GuidAttribute('EAC04BC0-3791-11d2-BB95-0060977B464C'), InterfaceTypeAttribute(ComInterfaceType.InterfaceIsIUnknown)] IAutoComplete2 = interface(IAutoComplete) // IAutoComplete methods function Init(hwndEdit: HWND; punkACL: IEnumString;

pwszRegKeyPath: IntPtr; pwszQuickComplete: IntPtr): HRESULT;

function Enable(fEnable: BOOL): HRESULT; //

function SetOptions(dwFlag: DWORD): HRESULT; function GetOptions(var dwFlag: DWORD): HRESULT; end;

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