Searching Namespaces

A unit must declare the other units on which it depends. As with the Win32 platform, the Delphi 8 for .NET compiler must search these units for identifiers. For units in explicit namespaces the search scope is already known, but for generic units, the compiler must establish a namespace search scope.

Consider the following unit and uses declarations:

unit MyCompany.Programs.Units.MyUnit1; uses MyCompany.Libs.Unit2, Unit3, Unit4;

These declarations establish MyUnit1 as a member of the MyCompany.Programs.Units namespace. MyUnit1 depends on three other units: MyCompany.Libs.Unit2, and the generic units, Unit3, and Unit4. The compiler can resolve identifier names in Unit2, since the uses clause specified the fully qualified unit name. To resolve identifier names in Unit3 and Unit4, the compiler must establish a namespace search order.

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