Procedure Declarations

A procedure declaration has the form procedure procedureName(parameterList); directives;

localDeclarations; begin statements end;

where procedureName is any valid identifier, statements is a sequence of statements that execute when the procedure is called, and (parameterList), directives;, and localDeclarations; are optional.

Here is an example of a procedure declaration:

procedure NumString(N: Integer; var S: string); var

V: Integer; begin

S := Chr(V mod 10 + Ord('O')) + S; V := V div 10; until V = 0;

Given this declaration, you can call the NumString procedure like this:

NumString(17, MyString);

This procedure call assigns the value '17' to MyString (which must be a string variable).

Within a procedure's statement block, you can use variables and other identifiers declared in the localDeclarations part of the procedure. You can also use the parameter names from the parameter list (like n and s in the previous example); the parameter list defines a set of local variables, so don't try to redeclare the parameter names in the localDeclarations section. Finally, you can use any identifiers within whose scope the procedure declaration falls.

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