Package Specific Compiler Directives

The following table lists package-specific compiler directives that can be inserted into source code. Package-specific compiler directives




Prevents a package from being implicitly recompiled later. Use in .dpk files when compiling packages that provide low-level functionality, that change infrequently between builds, or whose source code will not be distributed.

{$G-} or {$importeddata off} Disables creation of imported data references. This directive increases memory-access efficiency, but prevents the unit where it occurs from referencing variables in other packages.


Packages unit weakly.


Prevents unit from being placed in a package.


Compiles the package for installation in the IDE. (Put in .dpk file.)


Compiles the package as runtime only. (Put in .dpk file.)

Including {$denypackageunit on} in source code prevents the unit file from being packaged. Including {$g-} or {$importeddata off} may prevent a package from being used in the same application with other packages.

Other compiler directives may be included, if appropriate, in package source code.

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