Package Specific Command Line Compiler Switches

The following package-specific switches are available for the command-line compiler. Package-specific command-line compiler switches

Switch Purpose

-$G- Disables creation of imported data references. Using this switch increases memory-access efficiency, but prevents packages compiled with it from referencing variables in other packages.

LE path

Specifies the directory where the compiled package file will be placed.

LN path

Specifies the directory where the package dcp or dcpil file will be placed.

LUpackageName [;packageName2;.

..]Specifies additional runtime packages to use in an application. Used when

compiling a project.


Prevents a package from being implicitly recompiled later. Use when

compiling packages that provide low-level functionality, that change

infrequently between builds, or whose source code will not be distributed.

Using the -$g- switch may prevent a package from being used in the same application with other packages.

Other command-line options may be used, if appropriate, when compiling packages.

Note: When using the -LU switch on the .NET platform, you can refer to the package with or without the .dll extension. If you omit the .dll extension, the compiler will look for the package on the unit search path, and on the package search path. However, if the package specification contains a drive letter or the path separator character, then the compiler will assume the package name is the full file name (including the .dll extension). In the latter case, if you specify a full or relative path, but omit the .dll extension, the compiler will not be able to locate the package.

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