Other Standard Pointer Types

The System and SysUtils units declare many standard pointer types that are commonly used. Selected pointer types declared in System and SysUtils

Pointer type Points to variables of type

PAnsiString, PString AnsiString

PByteArray TByteArray (declared in SysUtils). Used to typecast dynamically allocated memory for array access.

PCurrency, PDouble, PExtended, PSingleCurrency, Double, Extended, Single

PInteger Integer

POleVariant OleVariant

PShortString ShortString. Useful when porting legacy code that uses the old PString type.

PTextBuf TTextBuf (declared in SysUtils). TTextBuf is the internal buffer type in a TTextRec file record.)


TVarRec (declared in System)






TWordArray (declared in SysUtils). Used to typecast dynamically

allocated memory for arrays of 2-byte values.

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