Object Inspector

The Object Inspector lets you set design-time properties and create event handlers for components. This provides the connection between your application's visual appearance and the code that makes the application run. The Object Inspector contains two tabs: Properties and Events.

Use the Properties tab to change physical attributes of your components. Depending on your selection, some category options let you enter values in a text box while others require you to select values from a drop-down box. For Boolean operations, you toggle between True or False. After you change your components' physical attributes, you create event handlers that control how the components function.

Use the Events tab to specify the event of a specific object you select. If there is an existing event handler, use the drop-down box to select it. By default, some options in the Object Inspector are collapsed. To expand the options, click the plus sign (+) next to the category.

Certain nonvisual components, for example, the Borland Data Providers, allow quick access to editors such as the Connection Editor and Command Text Editor. You can access these editors in the Designer Verb area at the bottom of the Object Inspector. To open the editors, point your cursor over the name of the editor until your cursor changes into a hand and the editor turns into a link. Alternatively, you can right-click the nonvisual component, scroll down to its associated editor and select it. Note that not all nonvisual components have associated editors. In addition to editors, this area can also display hyperlinks to show custom component editors, launch a web page and show dialog boxes.

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