Modeling with Delphi for NET

Delphi 8 for .NET's integrated modeling tools tie together the processes of design and development. The class diagramming tools integrated into the IDE are based on well known industry standards such as UML and OCL. The Enterprise Core Object (ECO) framework implements the UML version 1.4 Metamodel, and leverages the .NET framework to make the model available at both designtime and runtime. This section provides an overview of UML concepts and terminology, the ECO framework, and the IDE's built in graphical modeling tools.

Please note that the Code Visualization feature is available in both Enterprise and Architect versions of the product. As such, any information about this feature refers to both versions. All other modeling features relate only to the Architect version of Delphi 8 for .NET and the information contained herein refers only to modeling tools and features in the Architect version.

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Project Management Made Easy

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