Importing and Exporting Type Libraries

Tlbimp is a command-line tool that you can use to generate a .NET assembly from a type library. Tlbimp will operate on a type library directly, or on an unmanaged DLL that contains a type library as an embedded resource. Note the assembly produced by tlbimp contains code for only the RCW, not for the original COM object itself. Therefore you must still deploy and register the COM object on the end-user's machine. The assembly also contains the types described in the type library, expressed as metadata. Tlbimp uses a command line switch to produce a primary interop assembly.

The .NET Framework SDK contains another command-line tool called tlbexp that is used to create a type library from a .NET assembly. Such an exported type library would then be used to expose the .NET component as a COM server, for use within an unmanaged application.

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