IDE commandline switches

The following options are available when starting the IDE from the command line. You must precede all options (unless otherwise noted) with either a dash (-) or a slash (/). The options are not case-sensitive. Therefore, the following options are all identical: -d /d -D /D.

You use these options with the appropriate IDE startup command: bds.exe

For example:

Starts the IDE with no splash screen and tracks memory allocation.

bds.exe -sdc:\test\source -d c:\test\myprog.exe -td

Starts the IDE and loads c:\test\myprog.exe into the debugger and used c:\test\source as the location for the source code while debugging. The -td and any other argument that appears after the -dexename debugger option is used as an argument to c:\test\myprog.exe.

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