Files Generated by the Translation Tools

The files generated by the Translation Tools include:

File extension



The Translation Tools maintain a separate .nfn file for each form in your application and each

target language. These files contain the data (including translated strings) that you see in the

Translation Manager.


The Satellite Assembly Wizard uses the compiler-generated .drcil file to create an .resx file for

each target language. These .resx files contain special comments that are used by the Translation



The Translation Repository stores data in an .tmx file. You can maintain more than one repository

by saving multiple .tmx files.


The External Translation Manager lists the satellite assemblies (languages) and resources to be

translated into a .bdsproj project file. When third-party translators add and remove languages

from a project, they can save these changes in an .bdsproj file, which they return to the developer.

Note: You should not edit any of these files manually.

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