Dispatch Interface Types

Dispatch interface types define the methods and properties that an Automation object implements through IDispatch. Calls to methods of a dispatch interface are routed through IDispatch's Invoke method at runtime; a class cannot implement a dispatch interface.

A dispatch interface type declaration has the form type interfaceName = dispinterface ['{GUID}'] memberList end;

where ['{GUID}'] is optional and memberList consists of property and method declarations. Dispatch interface declarations are similar to regular interface declarations, but they cannot specify an ancestor. For example, type

IStringsDisp = dispinterface ['{EE05DFE2-5549-11D0-9EA9-0020AF3D82DA}']

property ControlDefault[Index: Integer]: OleVariant dispid 0;


function Count: Integer; dispid 1;

property Item[Index: Integer]: OleVariant dispid 2; procedure Remove(Index: Integer); dispid 3; procedure Clear; dispid 4;

function Add(Item: OleVariant): Integer; dispid 5; function NewEnum: IUnknown; dispid -4;


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