Delphi Source Files

The compiler expects to find Delphi source code in files of three kinds:

  • Unit source files (which end with the .pas extension)
  • Project files (which end with the .dpr extension)
  • Package source files (which end with the .dpk extension)

Unit source files typically contain most of the code in an application. Each application has a single project file and several unit files; the project file, which corresponds to the program file in traditional Pascal, organizes the unit files into an application. Borland development tools automatically maintain a project file for each application.

If you are compiling a program from the command line, you can put all your source code into unit (.pas) files. If you use the IDE to build your application, it will produce a project (.dpr) file.

Package source files are similar to project files, but they are used to construct special dynamically linkable libraries called packages.

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