Delphi for NET Database Technologies

Delphi 7 provided a number of database technologies to allow you to accomplish different types of database tasks. Some technologies, like BDE, were included mainly for backward compatibility to older database systems. Others, like dbExpress, were included as a way to create cross-platform applications. The move to the .NET Framework creates new opportunities and challenges for the database developer. In most cases, the .NET Framework's ADO.NET providers or Borland's BDP.NET providers will solve the challenges of creating new database applications. Sometimes, however, there is little to be gained by creating an entirely new application when an existing application will serve your purposes. That's why Borland is providing continued support for existing Delphi database technologies, in addition to giving you easy access to the newer BDP.NET and ADO.NET.

Delphi 8 for .NET provides a migration path from Delphi database technologies running strictly on Win32 clients to the .NET Framework. In addition to being able to build new database applications using ADO. NET and BDP.NET, you can migrate existing database applications to take advantage of .NET capabilities. The Delphi database technologies now supported by Delphi 8 for .NET include:

  • TADONETConnector
  • dbExpress.NET
  • DataSnap .NET Client (DCOM)
  • IBX.NET (InterBase for .NET)
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