Declaring a Custom Attribute Class

Creating a custom attribute is the same as declaring a class. The custom attribute class has a constructor, and properties to set and retrieve its state data. Custom attributes must inherit from TCustomAttribute. The following code declares a custom attribute with a constructor and two properties:


TCustomCodeAttribute = class(TCustomAttribute) private

Fpropl : integer; Fprop2 : integer; aVal : integer;

procedure Setprop1(p1 : integer); procedure Setprop2(p2 : integer); public constructor Create(const myVal : integer); property propl : integer read Fpropl write Setpropl; property prop2 : integer read Fprop2 write Setprop2;


The implementation of the constructor might look like constructor TCustomCodeAttribute.Create(const myVal : integer); begin inherited Create; aVal := myVal;


Delphi for .NET supports the creation of custom attribute classes, as shown above, and all of the custom attributes provided by the .NET framework.

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