Debug Windows

The following debug windows are available to help you debug your program. By default, most of the windows are displayed automatically when you start a debugging session. You can also view the windows individually by using the View ^ Debug Windows sub-menu.

Each window provides one or more right-click context menus. The F1 Help for each window provides detailed information about the window and the context menus.

Debug Window


Breakpoint List

Displays all of the breakpoints currently set in the Code Editor or Disassembly window.

Call Stack

Displays the current sequence of function calls.

Watch List

Displays the current value of watch expressions based on the scope of the execution point.

Local Variables

Displays the current function's local variables, enabling you to to monitor how your program

updates the values of variables as the program runs.


Displays processes under control of the debugger and the modules currently loaded by each

process. It also provides a hierarchical view of the namespaces, classes, and methods used in

the application.

Threads Status

Displays the status of all processes and threads of execution that are executing in each

application being debugged. This is helpful when debugging multi-threaded applications.

Event Log

Displays messages that pertain to process control, breakpoints, output, threads, and module.


Displays the low-level state of your program, including the assembly instructions for each line

of source code and the contents of certain registers.

Remote Debugging

Remote debugging lets you debug a Delphi 8 for .NET .NET application running on a remote computer. Your computer must be connected to the remote computer through TCP/IP. After you install and run the remote debug server, and copy the required application files to the remote computer, you can use Delphi 8 for .NET to connect to that computer and begin debugging.

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