Database Applications

Whether your application uses Windows Forms, Web Forms, or VCL Forms, Delphi 8 for .NET has several tools that make it easy to connect to a database, browse and edit a database, execute SQL queries, and display live data at design time.

The ADO.NET framework data providers let you access MS SQL, Oracle, and ODBC and OLE DB-accessible databases. The Borland Data Providers (BDP.NET) let you access MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, and InterBase databases. You can connect to any of these data sources, expose their data in datasets, and use SQL commands to manipulate the data. Using BDP.NET provides the following advantages:

  • Portable code that's written once and connects to any supported database.
  • Open architecture that allows you to provide support for additional database systems.
  • Logical data types that map easily to .NET native types.
  • Consistent data types that map across databases, where applicable.
  • Unlike OLE DB, there is no need for a COM/Interop layer.

When using Janeva and the VCL.NET framework components, you can extend database support even further by using the BDE.NET, dbExpress.NET, and Midas Client for .NET connection technologies.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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