Dataaware Components Advantages

The multi-tier architecture simplifies development in ASP.NET. Once a DB Web Control connects to a DBWebDataSource, a databind call is not needed. The components are now data-aware. Fully leveraging the features of the underlying ASP.NET controls, DB Web Controls provide a number of advantages:

  1. Do not require a call to WebControl.databind(). Normally, each ASP.NET control on the web form requires this call from the Page_load method or the control will not appear on the form.
  2. Provide a design-time view of the data.
  3. Automatically post changes back to the dataset. Typically, ASP.NET controls require code to post back changes.
  4. Maintain current row position.
  5. Change and row state are managed automatically using sessions. This means that clients from different machines will operate independently.
  6. The DBWebDataSource maintains an ordered list of changes, so that the user can undo changes in the order in which they were made.
  7. Provide a data-aware navigator control.
  8. In several places where you would otherwise need to write code with DataGrid (for example, paging using numbers, paging using the previous and next icons, Edit, and Delete columns), no code is required using DBWebDataGrid.
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